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Maureen Klein
was a nurse at the Abington Surgical Center from 1994 until 2005.  She passed away after a courageous battle with breast cancer diagnosed seven years prior. Maureen was instrumental in beginning the Reach to Recovery Program at the Abington Surgical Center, a program for breast cancer patients. 

The foundation was formed the year after Maureen’s death as a fund to benefit a person diagnosed with breast cancer who was also carrying a financial burden.  Each year for the past five years the foundation has identified women in need and has made an award.  Until now, the foundation has been largely sustained by contributions from employees of the surgical center.  The hope is that the foundation would grow to involve more people and thereby allowing us to continue to make multiple awards each year.

March 2013 marked the 15th presentation from the Maureen Klein Foundation. Recent recipients of a foundation gifts are woman who are fighting this disease.  Gifts to these strong and courageous women have helped them to purchase a wheel chair, fly a parent in from another country to help her daughter, as well as to assisting with lawn care for a single mother of 3. 

It remains the hope and purpose of the Foundation to support all of our recipients and others like them in their struggle with breast cancer.  In the spirit of compassion and presence, the MLK Foundation humbly shares the journey of those who struggle with breast cancer, hoping to lighten their burden by providing some financial assistance.